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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory- Power, Concentration

Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory

Nowadays, it has turned into a necessity for every one of us from a 5-year old kid to an 80-year old grandfather relaxing in his chair. Having a stronger, sharper memory is like retaining a gift. And if you feel this gift you have is weakening, then here are some Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory Power & Concentration that will count.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory

As a concerned student, professional, or even a veteran, you must have faced situations like “where did I put that pen”? Then the next thing you know is searching throughout the room but finding and finally scratching your head asking you again, “When Did I put it here?” Though there are symptoms that you should start noticing from the age of 30. Alzheimer’s Disease is the result of small and common looking changes we may or may not see in our daily lives. If we keep losing our mental ability as we progress towards age, the outcome can be the major one affecting your later years badly.

But, this is not what you are here for, right. So, here are Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory.

How to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

Foods That Improve Memory

Starting with the food, we have a category of what you need to have as a part of your regular and non-regular diet. Diet plays the most important role in nurturing a human body as well as developing the brain. Start with green leafy vegetables like celery, curry broccoli, dry fruits including walnuts, cashews, and almonds. They have antioxidants that help you retain the brainpower by generating new brain cells.

Foods That Improve Your Memory

Avoid Things to Get Memory Sharp

Avoid having junk food, processed and packaged foods like chips or soda, that have added sugars and damaged omega-6 fats. Quit consuming alcohol and smoking. The nicotine amounted in a cigarette hits the brain sensitive part which in the case of a regular smoker results in impulsive behavior and irritating nature.Avoid These Things to Get Your Memory Sharp

Exercise To get Memory Sharp

A healthy body is for a healthy mind, and vice-versa. A Strong body is, first of all, a symbol of a fit and sound mental state. Exercising plays its vital part in making you have a working state both mental and physical. Like the saying goes for Brains and muscles; use it or lose it. To have a proper coordination and combination of stimuli and response, get involved in some workouts and follow the schedule properly and regularly. Scientifically speaking, the through physical exercises, nerve cells in your brain multiply and growth is enhanced, with stronger bonds that are not easily damaged by external Impacts. As we exercise, the nerve cells in our brain secrete a protein called neurotrophic factor also known as Brain-Derived Neuro factor (BDNF).

These exercises will help you to boost your memory power

During exercise, nerve cells release proteins known as neurotrophic factors. This protein helps generate other chemicals in our brain that also keep our neurons healthy.

Reduce Workload

Computers are based on human technology, like brains like processor. Now, it may sound funny to you but, a human brain cannot be compared to a computer’s CPU. Human needs three meals a day to stay alive and keep healthy, computers don’t so stop working like a computer and handle one task at a time. Multi-tasking would be like giving an extra load on your brain, where mind can’t judge the difference between which tasks to focus on. According to the late research, a normal human brain requires 8 seconds of time to process a chunk of information in memory. Next time beware if you hold a car wheel in one hand and a mobile in another.

Reduce workload if you want to boost your memory

Engage your Brain Too

If you think you are too grown-up to play brain quizzes or puzzles, or even crosswords, think again because these are the games you need to play if you are feeling a sense of forgetfulness. A little sharpener for your brain is the daily crosswords, start using it or you’ll start losing your capability to challenge your brain. Once your brain gets a proper stimulus, you start gaining immunity against the factors responsible for deteriorating your problem-solving capability. So, train your brain through day-to-day brain teasers and quizzes. Of you are a concerned, get a new set of brain puzzles or Dora’s puzzles box for your kid. Get along with any game for at least 10-20 minutes. For a good start, try Sudoku in the leisure section of your daily news.

Improve memory and concentration

Vitamin D-A Brain Booster

Vitamin D is the key role player in nerve growth inside your brain. The areas that are positively affected by Vita-D are Hippocampus and cerebellum, mainly responsible for info processing and planning. These are regions that collect our memories theoretically. After reaching a certain age, the level of Vitamin-D starts declining that leads to insufficient brain power, poor memory function among the aged adults.

Vitamin D - A Brain Booster

Sleep Well to Keep Recall your Dream

There have been several types of research on sleep earlier and are still some in progress. The one based in Harvard concluded that there are 33% people possibly to relate to the distant ideas after having a sound sleep. An adequate amount of sleep is what you will need after a day’s work. And this proper sleep amount will help you reduce brain dysfunctions, even the smaller ones. The nest morning you wake up, you’ll be having the same sense of humor and Sudoku solving capability as you did the last day.

How To Increase Memory Power Naturally

As a student, you must be focusing parallel on your sleep hours. The brain growth also called as neuroplasticity decides the learning and memorizing power. Moreover, the ability to control your thoughts is what deeply depends on neuroplasticity. To add a few tips, we suggest you take proper rest and take regular brain booster supplies to hold on to your last dream. There are dietary supplement these days, which are also available in many flavors.

Do take an expert’s opinion on that. We believe these tips will pretty much get your brain click at the right moment. These were the Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory. Just as the experts suggest, keep your brain engaged somewhere and don’t overdo a thing that gets you stressed. The brain is also a muscle that needs relaxation. Thank you for having a close go-through. Keep your endorphins and Oxytocin balanced and stay in touch.

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