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How to Treat Broken Nails- Best Treatment for Cracked Nails

How to Treat Broken Nails

Nails are the second most common part of your body that adds to your skin’s health and beauty. It is as hard as to take care of the nails as smaller they appear. As women, it is always on high priority to take care of nails properly. And besides, just beautifying, healthy nails are a sign of healthy you. And if your concern is regarding How to Treat Broken Nails, here we have today’s talk specific to your concern.

How to Treat Broken Nails

There are a number of causes why you are having your nails cracked. This may occur due to deficiency of Vitamins or some other health factors. If this has become so common to your eyes, you better start taking some effective initiative towards looking into the problem and correcting it.

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Main Causes of Cracked Nails


The leading and most common reason to experience cracked nails are presence of moisture in the nail plate. Nails expand after being exposed to moisture for long and when they dry, they start breaking.

Physical Pressure:

Another cause of cracking nails is if you are into some heavy duty job and most of the time you have to use your hands that often damage the plates or edges of your nails.

Chemical Agents:

Using concentrated nail paint removers too often may be another cause of it. And if you are a housewife and spend most of your time on laundry, then mind keeping your hands in the detergent for too long, the detergent is the key cause in your case.

Fungal Infection:

Fungal infection is most generally observed in toenails due to interacting with dust tread. Why..? because feet are the only organs that are always connected to the ground. However, in some rare cases, the protective layer of Keratin Protein is penetrated by fungus and leads to nail breakage.


If you are suffering from psoriasis, you may have seen it quite too many times. Nails tend to break, split, crumble, and crack which becomes incurable.

Best Natural Treatment for Cracked Nails

In this health guide to How to Treat Broken Nails or How to Cure Nail Split Naturally, here we have all combined solutions following oral and as well external applications. Along with some remedies, we have mentioned some dos and don’ts that need to be taken care of.

Put on Gloves

When being involved in some household chores, you need to make sure to put a protection before doing the dishes or washing the clothes. Stay more cautious when your daily work includes detergents, gardening, or peeling some hard stuff, or regular use of hand sanitizer (especially the antibacterial agents). Best damage prevention is to wear gloves, these days there is a variety of them available online. You can buy a pair that you fit your liking.

Gloves - Best damage prevention from cracked nails is to wear gloves

Vitamin E Oil

Since nail problems are mainly because of lack of Vitamins, Vitamin E is medically proven remedy to avoid nail splits and cracking. It provides the much-needed moisture to the nails and strengthens them from in and out nourishing the cuticles. Apply Vita E oil daily and massage gently with your fingertips. Best time to practice it before you sink into your bed. It Should be regularly repeated for a couple of weeks.

Vitamin E oil - best remedy to avoid nail splits and cracking

Biotin-Rich Diet

Start adding some cooked/boiled eggs, avocados, or liver in your diet. These foods are a great source of Biotin that helps your nails fight the weakness and repairs the cuticles. Biotin as a natural supplement is also available on the market.

Eggs - Avocado - These foods are a great source of Biotin that helps your nails fight the weakness

Olive oil

Olive Oil is a remedy that can be taken orally in the morning or applied externally on the nails. It wouldn’t be a surprise to know. You may consume a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil daily or soak your fingernails in it from 10-15 minutes per day. Your nails will start improving and eventually get much-required strength. Olive Oil fights the dryness and nourishes the nail tips with moisture and is a tough competition to the synthesized ointments, gels, and creams offering nail protection.

Olive Oil - Treatment for Cracked Nails

Multivitamin Diet

Apart from Vitamin E, you should also keep up with Vitamin C, and A diet. Lack of both these vital nutrients can also lead you to the same stressful situation; dry and brittle nails. Protein diet also needs to be taken alongside Calcium and vitamins. Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C, for protein fulfillment, prefer eating eggs and fish.

Multivitamin Diet

No More Polish Remover

It is never a good idea to put different nail colors and regularly wiping them out with some instant remover. Chemicals are chemicals after all. Thus, the more you apply and remove your nail polish using some acetone-flooded remove, the more you are prone to get badly dried and damaged nails. Try opting for easy nail paint wipes that can be availed from a chemist or cosmetic store, if you are a fanatic of trying different colors on your nails.

Nail Polish Remover

Nails Massage

A regular 5-10 minute massage can save you from taking any extra steps. To strengthen them and help your nails grow without any further problem, keep messaging on a regular basis. This fastens and regulates the blood flow and helps the cuticles stay moisturized. The best deal is to put some coconut oil or olive oil as we mentioned above.

Nail Massage - To strengthen them and help your nails grow

Drink water

No question why we put water on the list. Dehydration is caused due to lack of water, and nails are also majorly affected due to lack of oxygen. Not just to skin, hair, and damaged cells, water is the natural hydrant and easiest affordable Treatment for Poor Nails. There is no time limit or the best time to drink water, to lead an overall healthy life, keep drinking enough water as long as you live.

Hydrate Yourself - Natural hydrant and easiest affordable Treatment for Poor Nails

Tea Tree Oil

Nails become brittle because of fungal infections. Tea tree oil acts as an anti-fungal, anti-fungal, and antiseptic agent beating the fungal elements and keeping the nails beautified. It is best in efficacy when mixed with vitamin E oil. Take 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil and the half teaspoon of Tea Tree oil. Mix the solution and massage with it using your fingertips. Let it stay on your nails after you’re done massaging. You can wash your hands 30 minutes after with lukewarm water and wipe your hands with soft cotton cloth or towel.

Tea Tree Oil

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is another Natural Treatment for Cracked Nails that avoids your nails getting brittle. It affects the cuticles vitally and gives lustrous looks to add to your nails’ beauty. Take a bowl of warm water and put some fine grain sea salts in it. Wheat germ oil, lemon essential oil, or frankincense would play a perky role in fastening the repair process. Put your hands in the warm water containing those essential oils and let them soak in the nutrients for 15 minutes minimum. Keep repeating the process for 2-3 weeks in continuation.

Sea Salt is another Natural Treatment for Cracked Nails

Best Home Remedies For Split Nails

Though the methods for Natural Treatment for Cracked Nails are as rare as the problem, it is indeed most important for you to look after yourself if you have a presentable personality. Well, everyone is these days; keeping your beauty on the shiny and healthy scale, these were some measured tips on How to Treat Broken Nails.

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