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Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Strong | Tips to Maintain Eyesight

How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Strong

A point of attraction behind everyone’s face is his/her beautiful eyes. Flashing eyes like glowing skin are also the hallmark of good health. The beautiful healthy eyes need – great food and perfect care of the eyes. Sooner or later, everyone has a problem with eyes and the main reason of that is working in the low light environment and other reasons are reading books watching TV too closely. While studying we have to keep at least 10 inches of distance. Below are some tips to keep your eyes healthy and strong.

Beauty Tips for Fairness & Skin Care

It is said that after the Second World War, the Belgian doctors felt that the farmers were going through the problem of night blindness because in winter season they were not getting fresh things to eat and was not getting any advantage from the drugs. Then spring came and the farmers eat their green buds and stems and they got to relax from the problem of the night blindness. So from that, it’s proven that to maintain healthy, good food is necessary. Vitamin A is the most important vitamin for eyes, whose regular intake is important. This vitamin found in butter, lettuce, tomato, cheese, milk, turnip and carrot juice. These things put a miraculous effect on dull and tired eyes.Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Strong

If your eyes become red and discreet, so the reason behind this is the deficiency of vitamin B -12 (Riboflavin). Vitamin B-12 is found in yeast, leafy green vegetables, milk, poultry, and fish in sufficient quantity. You can keep good health of your eyes by doing some light exercise daily. It increases muscle strength of the eyes and reduces eyes related issues. By reducing the stress in the eyes and squint lines around the eyes seem to be missing.

Some Simple Exercises for the eyes:

Some simple exercise to relieve tension from eyes and strengthening of the eyes-

  • First, you sit upright on a chair, then brought your left hand close your eyes focused on the thumb and slowly move your arm back to the same position, note that not move your head, just keep watching the movement of your eye. First, do this exercise with a left hand and then with your right hand.


  • Sit straight and then without moving the head, first move your eyes up and down and then from left to right.


  • Rotate eyes gradually, first the left, then right.


To give relax to your tense and tired eyes:

  • You can do this exercise by sitting anywhere. First, close your eyes with the help of your palm by making a cup like shape and gently placed over the eyes. Turn off lights, and keep in mind that does not press the eye ball.


  • Sit straight and put both hands on top of each other, now without moving head shake both shoulders first in a clockwise direction and then rotate anti-clockwise. It gives relax to your eyes and reduce stress caused by eye wrinkle decrease. This exercise gives you relieve from stress within few minutes.Exercise Routine
  • Close your eyes for few seconds and think about funny things. Now open your eyes and look far enough for a few seconds. It gives relieve to eyes muscles.

How to take care of Eyes:

In addition to proper nutrition, healthy sleep is also essential for beautiful eyes. To keep yourself mentally and physical fit, 7-8 Hours of daily sleep is essential for all of us. Without which your eyes will become dull, swollen, red, and dark circles.

A major cause of eyes related issues is stomach problems. So, every morning with empty stomach drink warm water mixed with lemon juice, it will cure your stomach.

Some Domestic Remedies for Taking Care of Eyes:

  • Dark circles can be cured by rubbing potato. For this first crush raw potato and then keep on your eyes for 10 minutes.
  • For tired and red eyes just keep cucumber slices on your eyes to make them fresh.
  • To get relief from the rid around the eyes, get a wet cloth with cold water and then keep on your eyes for a while.
  • Massage your eyes daily. Stripes in the direction of the eyes to massage. You can use sesame oil or coconut oil for massage.
  • If the eyes have something in it, a drop of castor oil in your eyes and it will give you some rest.
  • To get relief from Dark eyelids, use 5ml vegetable oil in your salad every day.
  • To remove swelling under your eyes, take a cup of warm water with 1 tsp. salt and dissolve it. Then soak cotton in it and then put on your eyes until they will not get cold. Then after about 10 minutes, wash it with cold water.
  • If your eyesight is weak then must wear specs. But unnecessary not wear for a very long time, as it will not give relax to your eyes muscles. Moreover, those who wear specs have your eyes checked after every 2 years.

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