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How to Get Rid of Tonsillitis | Effective Home Remedies for Tonsils

How to Get Rid of Tonsillitis Naturally

Where there are symptoms and problems, there is preventive measures and cure. Even more, to add to your sigh of relief, there are many natural ways to treat it. Here are some of the ways on How to Get Rid of Tonsillitis Naturally. While reading further, you’ll be familiar with the symptoms, causes, and cures and the Best Home Remedies for Tonsils.

How to Get Rid of Tonsillitis

What scares us the most when we think of tonsillitis? Well, there is nothing frightening than the bulged out neck. What even worse is when a situation arises where, if left untreated; you have to get the tonsils removed. In most of the cases, kids are the easiest to be affected due to low immunity levels as compared to the elder ones. But, it must not be misinterpreted as the kids’ disease; people our age also get victimized by the Trojan of Tonsillitis.

Best Home remedies to Cure Tonsillitis

We start imaging a patient lying on the OR’s table and surgeons holding their ten-blades. But, do you know, if you start with treating the ailment with these effective remedial elements, you won’t even think about a visit to your doctor (Just saying, every once in a while, do visit your doctor).

Tonsillitis, what is it actually?

Tonsillitis is often misinterpreted as tonsils in general. This is the type of inflammatory virus that causes the tonsils’ tissues become infected with harmful bacteria. Tonsils look like pads that are present in our throat to provide resistance against bacteria and pathogens from invading and infesting the body. These oval-shaped protectors stand against the external agents that usually enter through the mouth. Kids are more prone to fall victim due to eating and habits stuff, but it can strike at any age and can happen to anybody.

What Causes Tonsillitis?

All the chronic disorders are deeply connected with two main factors which are ‘diet’ and ‘lifestyle’. There is a long history that we are not going to discuss. Meanwhile, let us just get you to know the common bacterium and viruses that our throat is protected against. The throat is also a home to many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Do not worry, these are the human-friendly family of bacterium residing in our body named microflora. There are two types of bacteria living in our body; the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones support us with digestion, boost our immune system, and also fight the bad ones when they outgrow their usual number. “Streptococcus Pyogenes” are the type of the good ones that you will find in the throat all the time. The harmful bacteria is taken care of by the good ones, but the battle gets harsher when the negative factors multiply and cause an intense effect on your throat and tonsils making you swell and sore throat, and inflammation.

How to Get Rid of Tonsillitis?

Effective Home Remedies for Tonsil

Effective Home Remedies for Tonsil

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Gargle with Warm Salt Water

Gargling is the most common and most effective home-based solution to get rid of an irritated throat and pain-free tonsils. The excessive phlegm is flushed away when you gargle with hot water with added salt to it. Just heat up some water to a boiling point tolerable enough for you and start the day with gargles. What salt simply does is, it takes away the moisture from the swollen tissues reducing the amount of pain and swelling. Gargle with 1 Glass of hot water and 1 Tsp of Salt. Gargle, and spit the water after letting it reach the throat. Repeat it for at least 5-10 minutes per cycle. Keep gargling for at least 3-4 times a day.

Gargle with Warm Salt Water to get rid of from tonsillitis

Ginger Tea

Ginger is considered as the best and easily affordable solution for many diseases including the common cold and gastric troubles. Mix it with honey, jaggery, lemon juice, or the best option; tea. To stabilize the irritating effect of soreness, take a fresh ginger root of 1-2 into boiled water (2 cups). You can add a few lemon drops, or honey to boost the effectiveness and better the results. Enjoy the taste and relieve the throat while reading or watching your favorite TV-show. Have at least 3-4 cups of it daily.

Ginger Lemon Tea - Best home remedy for Tonsils


Honey is the most natural element that is processed by bees and has many unnatural ways to treat countless human ailments. Loaded with so many beneficial elements, honey is best known for curing throat and cough problems. Antioxidants, iron, minerals, and Vitamins, and lastly, its Anti0bacterial property is the best factors it is well-known for. An excess of Streptococcus is eliminated by taking honey with boiled water or lemon drops. Take 4-5 teaspoons of honey per day after regular intervals.

Honey is best known for curing throat and cough problems

Fruit Juice

Make a smoothie make sure that fruits are 100% naturally (not coming from a storage facility) and farm fresh. Fruits that you can add are banana or apple, mixed with other fruits like blackberry, blueberry, elderberry, passion fruit, lemon, orange, papaya, grapes, pear, and pomegranate. Be sure enough not to mingle too many fruits at once in the blender or juicer. Keep the number limited to 2 or 3.

Fruit Juice - to cure tonsillitis without antibiotics

Veggies Juice

Going for juice is always a healthy and loveable way to feel fresh and rejuvenated al day long. The juices get you out of chronic troubles as well. Apart from fruit juice, take additional remedies from vegetables. The recipe is, for example, putting 2 carrots, a beetroot, 2 cucumbers into a blender and pour the shake into a tumbler. Keep switching between the stuff, try for Spinach or adding some Indian gooseberries would do some tremendous help. Begin your day with a vegan delight.

Vegetables Juice to cure tonsils permanently

Basil Leaves and Seeds

Majorly grown and treated a holy plant in India, this herb had been used for curing many diseases in the Indian Subcontinent. Infectious disease like cold and fever can be treated by the Basil leaves. This herb is also used in exotic cuisine, which definitely has medicinal effects due to being an anti-inflammatory antimicrobial element. To treat Tonsillitis, take 10-12 basil leaves, add some lemon drops, a teaspoon of honey, and pour the mixture into a hot water (1 cup). Have the solution at least 4 times a day with constant intervals.

Basil Juice to get rid of swollen tonsils fast

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A herb, spice, and from the ancient times, the best anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-infection cure against all the odds, turmeric is the root of all the home-based solutions. It has superb anti-inflammatory and healing properties turmeric immunes the system to a greater extent, which is proven medically. To drain away the tonsillitis elements from the throat, take 1 tsp of turmeric powder, add ½ tsp of black pepper and dissolve the mixture in hot milk properly. Add honey or sugar for a sweetening effect. Keep stirring till the powder gets dissolved. Take the milk before outing your bed as recommended by health experts.

Turmeric - to drain away the tonsillitis elements from the throat

Mint leaves

Here is yet another natural gift that eliminates many diseases out of your system. Mint leaves are a great source of antimicrobial agents that also help you relieve when your cough and phlegm is on high. It effectively destroys bacteria and germs causing your throat suffer from tonsillitis. The menthol attributes let you sigh of relaxation by calming the effect of mucus. Take a glass of boiled water with an ample amount of mint leaves add honey or lemon as further additives. Sip it, or the best way to utilize its elements is to gargle with its water at least 3-4 times a day.

Gargle with Mint leaves and honey - Best way to treat tonsils

Fenugreek seeds

Although, Fenugreek sounds a little exotic, but is an Indian-originated herb that is also a healthy spice for the citizens. What it does is kill the bacteria that leads to Tonsillitis and has significant anti-inflammatory properties. The get the best of it, take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and boil them in a couple of cups of water. Let the water reach its optimum boiling point and strain it to cool a little bit. Start gargling with the water and repeat the process for at least 30 seconds per gargle till the finish. Gargle for at least a couple times a day. Best timing is the morning and the evening.

Gargling with Fenugreek - home remedies for swollen tonsils


Figs are high in mucilage content and lower the pain and soreness caused by tonsillitis. Take three dry figs and let them soak the water kept at a fixed boiling temperature. Crush and mash them to let them affect the tonsils to a higher level. Eat the figs with added honey (sweetener, as well as anti-microbial agent). Have figs 3 times a day to maximize its benefits and effective results.

Figs - affect the tonsils to a higher level

Effective Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is the highly contagious form of illness; if not taken care of on time, it may make you visit the surgery Room. It is something We wish, and nobody would want to happen to them. Like we use to say, Prevention is always better than cure. Besides these remedial measures, one needs to have proper rest, depend on fluids, and talk as least as possible (do not stress on your speech). There are many natural ways to find the cure, and these were Best Home Remedies for Tonsillitis. For more natural cures and remedies, let us have your words through the comments section. We will hand you some more remedies against the anti-healthy or chronic illness.

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