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How To Get Rid of Cavities- Home Remedies for Tooth Decay

How To Get Rid of Cavities

Tooth decay, foul smell, Paining teeth while drinking or eating cold or hot substance, darkening teeth, or abrupt sharp pains, and sensitivity etc. are some leading factors. Factors of what?; That you need to act right now to protect your most important part to keep your smile always favorite for your loved ones. Teeth, no question, define your smile and cavities is the culprit that snatches this smile away if you don’t initiate taking care. Let us tell you How To Get Rid of Cavities naturally.

How To Get Rid of Cavities

Cavities not only can make you feel humiliated but also they eat away the strength and power of your jaws when you eat or drink your favorite serving. Its symptoms are just what we stated above. If you totally neglect the problem, it may lead to holes in your food crushers. Choose any randomly, be it a canine, molar, premolar, or in most of the cases, the Wisdom tooth.

Factors Leading to Cavities:

Lack of Hygiene and Proper Care:

Tarter, food residue, irregular cleaning, and too much of sugar or soda elements, and many other reasons are there which can be taken into consideration is we go on talking. If you do not brush and floss regularly, your teeth become prone to bacterial infection. And remember that sweet dish you had last night, that sweet friend is the killer substance.

Home Remedies to Treat Tooth Cavities

Other factors like aging, dry mouth, irregular pattern of teeth, and absence of enamel are the most common ones to let the window open for cavities. The next thing you do next day is, visit your dentist. Here are some best recommended options that will not let it happen given you act on time and get serious right before the symptoms seem to hit.

Salt (+ Mustard Oil/ Water)


Easily affordable and the best effective solution to curb the smell, decaying tooth, and antiseptic characteristics, salt is the easiest available antibacterial element. When mixed with any of these above-stated elements, gets you relief from bleeding gum problems and hinders the growth of bacteria production. Older generations still adapt to these techniques and still have stronger teeth. Dissolve salt in water and gargle thoroughly. Keep doing it every morning and evening before putting your bed.

Mustard Oil:

With mustard oil, mix a teaspoon of salt with the same amount of oil. Make a paste-like combination and start rubbing it on your teeth and gums just like toothpaste.

Effective Home Remedies for Tonsils

Herbal Toothpaste

Nowadays, the market is full of herbal products to cure diseases, teeth problems are also tackled by homemade or grandma’s recipes. The Meswak and Lilac stem were widely used back in the old times. At the chemist’s stores, you can find a herbal extract toothpaste which is equipped with many other supportive agents that protect your gums and tooth decay. You can also combine some herbs by yourself to prevent and cure the cavities. The home-based solutions include coconut oil (kill fungus and bacteria), clove oil (antibacterial and antiseptic agent), xylitol (natural alcohol to prevent decay), calcium powder (strengthens roots), and baking soda (alkaline fighting acidic reaction on teeth against decaying).

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves, also one the traditional methods to treat tooth problems have been put in medicinal practice for ages now. The fruit might trouble you, but its leaves are loaded with many qualities. The elements that are vital for our teeth and also present in guava leaves are Phosphoric Acid, Calcium, Manganese etc. Guava leaves extract helps you curb the tooth pain and act as an antiseptic and anti-fungal agent.  An effective way to get full benefits is to chew them in raw form. At least leaves for about 5 minutes and spit the pulp and rinse the mouth with water. Repeat it twice a day till you observe improvements and healing teeth and gums.

Indian Lilac (Neem)

We would never miss out on speaking about numerous qualities of Neem. The only natural gift that is full of healing features from tree skin to leaves, flowers, and fruits. It is the best and natural form of antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory remedy. It is effective not just for diabetic patients, people suffering from acne issues, or stomach movements, but, is also a gift for those facing tooth troubles. If you have tooth decay, plaque, or cavities, chew the lilac leaves, or crush them to prepare you a paste to apply on gums and teeth. Moreover, you can use it as the best mouthwash supplement that grows on trees. Just remember to wash and rinse your mouth afterward repeating the rinse twice a day for about 10 minutes.


Full of antioxidants, it reduces the intense tooth pains and relieves your jaws that ache because of cavities to a great extent. 1 cucumber a day keeps the pain away. Add a teaspoon of salt to add more protective layers over gums and teeth. To reduce the pain levels, put the cut slices of cucumber at the place where it hurts. Keep the slice for at least 5-10 minutes. Press against the aching tooth and keep doing it 2-3 times a day.

Warm Water

Sometimes, water is enough to save you from pain, stinking gums, and infection. Make sure it is warm and sterile. To reduce the pain, add some salt to it and start gargling or rinse properly from time to time. What matters the most is the balance of salt and water in proportion. Depending on how long you want to rinse your mouth and how early you want to cure your teeth, apply this technique after brushing.


Besides, being a tasty spice, it is just another natural element to treat many ailments. Its widest use is due to the antiseptic attribute in it. We spoke about the antiseptic element, you guessed it right, make the paste to apply on the affected area and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your mouth properly with warm water. No swollen gums, no foul smell, and loose roots.


Lemon is another way to provide your teeth a relief from aching and decaying situations. Vitamin C citric acid, Potassium, and calcium help your enamel keep those teeth layered well and protected. With its anti-bacterial quality, it also helps you to get rid of the bad breath due to cavities. Squeeze a whole piece of lemon, add it to half a cup of warm water, or even mix it with asafetida to get better, faster and effective results.


With lots of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, Garlic is recommended by most of the specialists and even from seniors as their first opinion when asked about How To Get Rid of Cavities. Problems like poor and loose gums, weak teeth roots, and bacteria growth vanish if you just chew a garlic clove in the morning before brushing. All you need to do is chew garlic clove to get the best of it. Keep chewing up until the moment its juices reach every corner of the jaws. You can also apply its paste mixed with rock salt directly to the affected location in your mouth.

Clove Oil

Even though if Clove oil is the last of all the elements in Natural Ways to Treat Cavities List, but is the magical remedy against tooth decay and cavities. Drop some oil on cotton swabs, and place the swab in the affected position. Keep the swab there for a specific time period. Not just getting rid of ache, it helps you keep the gums disinfected as.

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Best ways to Treat Tooth Decay and Cavities

Best ways to Treat Tooth Decay and Cavities

In the conclusive tips, we would suggest to follow the timely routine to keep your teeth healthy. Ignoring these small teeth by mistake is not to be taken for granted too often. If one asks us about the first measure on How To Get Rid of Cavities Naturally? We’d say prevention is better than cure. Be on time and keep brushing twice a day. Flossing your teeth is as important as brushing. And lastly, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Let the smile on your face retain the glow and shine.

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