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Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff | Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff

Hair is the most sensitive part of our body and any indecency in the hair can affect both men and women life cycle. Nowadays there are lots of common things or we can say lots of problems people are facing to cure their hair. Let’s take a look some of them, the main problems arising is dandruff, dry and damaged hair or hair fall. Here In this Article, we will speak about hair related issues and natural treatments to get rid of from them with simple and healthy home remedies or homemade tips. Follow these home remedies to cure dandruff and to control all these situations naturally, and get long and healthy hair.

Home Remedies to Cure Grey Hair:

If your hair is too white and you do not care them properly then you will start looking older than your real age. So it is very important to pay attention to your hairs. Amla is very good to prevent from white hair and also helpful in their treatment. So if you want to prevent from premature white hairs, make habit of taking amla juice daily or try to take amla in some another form. Daily consumption of amla will make your hairs dark and thick. If possible try to get fresh amla juice, but it is not possible to get fresh juice in each season so you can drink Patanjali amla juice in other seasons and keep in mind that the amount of juice is in between 10ml – 20ml.

You can mix amla juice with Heena Mehndi along with a raw egg and mix it well and then apply it on your hairs. Doing this will make your hair dark and gradually take Reddish brown color, which will look quite beautiful. To prevent from gray hair you make take vitamin B Complex and vitamin C to supplements.

How to Make Hair Healthy – Tips

Massaging your hair once a week with hot oil is very advantageous, so must do head massage with hot oil. For this, Luke warms some coconut oil and massage your hairs along with your scalp. After doing oil massage take a towel and rinse it well with hot water and tied it on head like a turban and do this from 15 to 20 minutes. This hot towel treatment can be done three to four times and doing this will make your hair roots and hair healthy and always use mild herbal shampoo for your hairs. To make your hair healthy and shiny, use Henna mehndi once in a month and don’t forget to add two drops of lemon juice. You can also use ready-made hair packs to make your hair healthy and Lustrous.Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff

Home Remedies to Cure Oily Hair And Stop Hair Fall:

Oily hair looks like sticky and lifeless. The main reason behind the hair fall is Oily Scalp, so to get  Oil-Free scalp daily wash your hairs with Mild Herbal Shampoo and it will make your scalp oil-free and will stop hair fall soon. You can also take Henna treatment once in a week. For this take some henna powder and the 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of coffee and two raw eggs (2 Eggs) then make a paste by pouring some water. Now apply this paste on your scalp and hair and leave it as it is about 2 hours, then wash it with lukewarm water.

Note: You can also use tea water instead of Eggs.

Home Remedies to Cure Oily Hair And Stop Hair Fall

Hair Care tips For Dandruff:

Dandruff is not good for the hair in any way and it is also the root of many diseases related to your hair. So to get rid of from dandruff apply some lime juice on your scalp and you can also apply the mixture of henna powder and amla juice on your hair along with scalp. By doing this 2-3 times a week you will find that in a few days your dandruff is removed.Hair Care tips For Dandruff

Make Natural Hair Cleanser:

Natural cleansing is always a better way because it does not have harmful chemicals.  So we make natural cleaner at home itself by cooking Reetha, Amla ,and Sikakai. To make it first take a cup and put in all ingredients in equal amount and mix it well then pour 5 times of water of this and marinate overnight. Then in next morning boil it on low flame till the water in it left half and then stop boiling it, now cool it down and mix well. Then strain the water and apply the remaining left on your scalp, it will not form too much froth but will be very helpful to clean your scalp thoroughly. You can also store it in a refrigerator and use it when necessary.

Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff

Use above hair care tips to keep your hair healthy, thick, oil-free, dandruff-free and strong. As it’s all natural tips so you can make them at home. If it’s helpful for you then please let us know at onhealthbeauty@gmail.com.

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