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10 Home Remedies for Heartburn | How To Get Rid of Acidity

Home Remedies for Heartburn and Acidity

Remember what you had last night that keeps you questioning yourself, “Why was the dinner so delicious that I overdid it?” The next thing you look for is some antacid to get soothe down the heartburn. In this segment, we’ll be giving you the key measures to stop you from suffering in Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn tips.

Home Remedies for Heartburn

First, let us take a look deeply at into the term “heartburn” which of course, has nothing to do with the heart. The general term is known as Acid Reflux of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or simply, GERD. Let us call it heartburn because it sounds savvy and easy to say. The ways you can treat your acidity are many, some medicinal and non-medicinal for sure.

Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn and Acidity

The way we are going to talk about to cure Acid reflux is preferred by the medical experts. The things that you may generally come across every day are the ones you are going to take into consideration. However, if you are a concerned user, or going through the acidity issues for a long time, then we prefer taking their expert’s advice.

Organic Aloe Vera

We are always in the same herbal section, whether it is to cure your skin or your digestion dysfunction like diarrhea and certain bowel related diseases. The gel in Aloe Vera is used to treat Acid Reflux as well. You can either consume it raw or in a boiled form.

Aloe Vera - home remedies for acidity and gas problem

Proper Diet Plan

The heartburn is so often caused by improper and imbalanced diet. In most of the cases, if you are a daily commuter and get home late night, it is usual that you are going to want to just jump to the dining table and wrestle the dinner. And that leads to another fight, but this within your belly. Results, you stay awake at night wondering you shouldn’t have had that heavy supper. Eat healthy and light, stay away from spicy foods, processed food, and an excessive amount of sugar. Follow a healthy diet plan; start with cucumber juice, fruit salad or a shake. Go for a tumbler of milk to start your day plain and simple.

Follow diet plan to get rid off from acidity and gas

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are always unbeatable in the race to your goodness and well-being. Based on Reader’s Digest’s review, Almond is the one that fits the profile to cure heartburn. After you finish the meals, eat some almonds as a complementary snack. The spicy effect of food gets neutralized by almond. You can have it at any time of the day. But, keep having some on a regular basis (3-4 almonds at a time).

Almond is the one that fits the profile to cure heartburn

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds not only act as a mint to let go of the mouth odor but also helps to reduce the acidic effects in your stomach. Fennel is loaded with compounds like anethole, fenchone, and estragole that have anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Relieving the problems flatulence, gas or bloating is the main cure that it is well-known for. It is common to see that at some restaurants and food joints why you are served with fennel seeds sugar-coated after having lunch or dinner.

Fennel Seeds helps in relieving the problems of flatulence, gas or bloating

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are another way to treat your heartburn. Not just raw leaves are effective you can have its sip in the form of boiled syrup too. For over years, mint has been used in many remedies for stomach problems like irritable bowels, gastric ulcers, indigestion and gas, etc. It soothes the ferocious nature of the HCl inside your belly. Best time is to take it after having that hot spicy plate of dinner.

Mint leaves are another way to treat your heartburn


Try placing a bowl of yogurt by your dinner plate. When you finish up your plate, have some yogurt to relieve your stomach and let the cream take over the hot spices and acid. Yogurt contains probiotics that have a smooth and calming effect acting as an alkaline. It helps in proper digestion of food as it controls the acid reflux pretty much to a greater extent. It also reduces the inflammation and helps you get rid of flatulence and gas troubles as well.

Yogurt helps in digestion and to get rid off from gas and acidity problem

Have Fruits After Meals

As a salad onion, cucumber, banana, and apples are a good substitute to reduce the acid levels. Bananas have natural antacids acting as a buffer against acid reflux. To get the best and effective results, have a proper ripe banana at your table and eat it after finishing up your meals chewing it nicely. Before making your bed, you can also have an apple as an alternate solution, mind the timing, though. There must be a gap of at least 2 hours between your last eatery and sleep.

Have Fruits to get the best and effective results

Acid Kills Acid

Sometimes it does work when things seem not working at all. Take a chewable pill like ‘Gelusil’ or some acidic soda water to let the acid react with the Hydrochloric Acid inside your stomach. Acid reflux is so often caused by the absence of adequate amount of acid. To balance the level, try apple cider vinegar as a natural way to cure it. Just add 3 teaspoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar into 8 ounces of fresh tap or filtered water before (most preferred) or after meals.

Gelusil to cure heartburn, gas and acidity problem


Like Aloe and Fennel, ginger is also a well-known home-based remedy for curing stomach troubles. Heartburn is also one the culprit that ginger protects us from. Acid reflux, nausea, common cold, and cough are the ones that ginger mainly deals with. You can consume it raw (best preferred), and if it seems quite an uphill task, crush some slices and put them into a cup of boiling water. Sip the tea at least half an hour after your meals.

Ginger home-based remedy for curing stomach troubles

Sleep Well

Based on research, it was observed that sleeping on our stomach or the right side adds another amount of pressure resulting in the escalated level of GERD. While the ones that sleep on their left side, do not face acidic problems and have a smooth morning when they empty their bowels.

remedies for acidity in chest

These ways are without a doubt, will do no harm to you. Try some of these, or you can stay on any one of the solutions to get rid of heartburn. Just go easy on your meals and find Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn here to get in shape and stay mobile. We hope these natural remedies will tend to keep you on your feet. Stay in touch with us for more.

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