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Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count and Quality Fast

Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count

Dear readers, it is your health concern that introduced us to you. Health is, after all, a serious issue for your well-being. The human body is also a machine that requires intakes and remedies to keep the system functioning. This should be the first and foremost priority for all the people, who have not enough time to pay attention to their health and fitness. In this segment, we are focusing on human’s reproduction system and we are to provide Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count and Quality Fast.

Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count

Reproduction system is as important as the other system of a human body. After reaching a certain age, the body starts degrading and loses its capability. So is the male’s S** drive, which deteriorates with aging day by day. But, do you know that there are some factors other than aging that affect a male’s fertility drive badly. The result is low sperm production, which in scientific term is also known as low Sperm Count.

List of Foods that Increase Sperm Count and Quality Fast

It is one of the most crucial factors because that problem can cause your reproductive system harm. Consequently, low fertility is the issue that you might face later. According to the WHO, the sperm count of more than 15 million sperms per milliliters in considered normal. Hence, it is more than just important to have a proper diet plan and intakes to keep the numbers at par average.

Factors that cause a male’s sperm Count low

These are smoking, intake of drugs or alcohol, sitting in the same positions for long hours, too much stress, working on computers more than usual etc. We are going to give you some tips on what to eat to have a healthy sperm count. This list of Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count and Quality Fast are based on the scientific researches and medicine experts.


Banana is an efficient fruit that serves your need and curbs your problem. Besides just having Potassium, it contains Bromelain (Enzyme) that is also found in the stem part of pineapples. It is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme which also scales up the production of the male X hormone, testosterone.  Also, bananas are enriched with vitamins A, B1, and C which help the body boost its sperm-producing ability and also keep up the stamina.

Banana - Helps you to increase sperm count naturally
Dark chocolate

Not just kids or ladies, Chocolates are a good and healthy means of fitness for males as well. As per the recent medical research, Dark chocolate helps increase the feeling of attraction between partners by releasing the same endorphins secreted while mating. Dark chocolate mainly contains L-arginine an amino acid which play an important role in sperm production. A proper intake of L-arginine helps increase both the sperm count and semen volume enhancing fertility to a greater extent. L-arginine also plays a major role in helping Pen*s to grow larger. L-arginine also helps boost the blood circulation to the genitals.

Foods that increase sperm count


Garlic is the most common food that is available in every home and also used on a daily basis. Garlic contains “Allicin” that is has a numerous benefits such antimicrobial capability, and anti-hypertension property. This element prevents plaques from building up in the arteries and smoothens the blood flow to the genital section hence, increasing the production of sperm. Garlic also has Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) helps in healthy erection. Besides, it also contains selenium and vitamin B6 keeping the sperm production process in the flow.


Pomegranates are enriched with anti-oxidants to resist a chemical called Malondialdehyde (MDA) in the blood that plays an enemy in destroying sperm. Malondialdehyde is the main reason for a low sperm production. According to a study and research in 2013, Smoking is the main reason that heightens the levels of MDA in semen lowering the sperm count and production. While in another study, it was observed that that daily intake of pomegranate juice helps destroy free radicals and excels the sperm count.


Beef is a rich source protein, we think already is aware of this fact. But do you know that it is also enriched with zinc which offers a protection against free radicals from destroying the sperm? Zinc avoids Testosterone from converting into estrogen (in male, estrogen leads to low libido)

According to medical and clinical research, daily intake of 66 mg of Zinc can increase sperm counts in men and an intake of 220 mg of zinc daily is beneficial for s**ual dysfunction.


Walnuts are also a rich source of “Arginine” that helps production of sperm keep above the average numbers. They also keep the Semen dense and raise its volume. Walnuts also have Omega-3 fatty acids which act a smoother in the blood flow to the pen*s. As compared to other nuts, Walnuts have double a number of antioxidants. These are not just good for productive parts of male, but also avoid risks of high Cholesterol levels and heart attack.


It is a green leafy vegetable first of all. And ever since we were kids, we have been learning about its benefits. It is a worldwide grown vegetable that is affordable for almost everyone. When we talk about its richness, it has a high amount of iron and folic acids. Folic acid is the main agent that keeps up the sperm count. Folic acid is the main cause of sperm health and expanded lifespan.

Fruit Salad

Fruits are the best natural way to keep us fit and healthy all the time. Fruits, mainly cherries, strawberries, and orange are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful in keeping away the sperms from any damage and helps in raising the sperm count. All the nutrients that you need are available in an adequate amount in a fruit salad. By a daily intake of fruit salad keep you away from free radicals that are a hinder in sperm production. Eating fruit salad for a regular time helps you build fully fertilized and log life sperms.


Eggs are sometimes an exception for vegetarians. These are also a great source of protein that most is not available in a chicken or goat meat.Surprisingly, Eggs boost up the sperm count improving the fertility. Eggs are packed with vitamin E, due to lack of which testicular tissue degeneration occurs in males. Vitamin E plays a vital role in counteracting the free radicals and keeps them away from sperm production process.


Now water is the basic need for human survival. We all know that already. But did you know that is the easiest way to speed up the sperm count process? On an average, a human should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. Water makes the 70 % of our body’s fluid. Fluid is required to transport cells and to keep them healthy stay healthy drinking water after regular intervals. For a long life span of your sperm keep your glass of water filled.

Foods that Increase Sperm Count Fast

These were some health related topics Based on Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count and Quality Fast. Thank you for being a part of this initiative and keep visiting here for more health and fitness tips.

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