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Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Level | Best Tips

Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Level

There are day-to-day researches that are conducted to serve the humanity a better and improved ways to survive. One of them is we are going to talk about here today. Today’s topic is more of Male-specific health guide. There have been infinite numbers of cases of men facing male dysfunction. The one that causes the major trouble is low performance and lack of desire while being in intercourse or say in a heavy duty stuff. What leads to such situations? It is the low testosterone levels. Let us know more about the topic and put some light on Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Level.

Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Level
How to Increase Testosterone Level

Things about Testosterone You need to know

What is Testosterone?

It is a hormone that plays a significant role in men’s health. From gaining Muscle mass, bone density, to retain the libido desires in men; in other and simple terms, testosterone is the one element that is required by a man to be the real man. There is a certain age when it is at its peak. Later on, its level starts declining after that specific period.

“Hypogonadism” is the phenomenon what we use to call it generally, the stage when the body is unable to produce the right and sufficient amount of testosterone. Usually, at the age of 40, or beyond the number, every male starts experiencing the lower level. That can be treated with further therapies. But, that surely doesn’t include any natural methods.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally

So, the testosterone is the hormone that helps men gain the overall strength maintaining the muscular growth, keeping the s**ual drive in function, and more importantly; the stamina and that indicates you lead a man’s life. After 40, men tend to lose their grab on all these factors due to rising numbers. Technically, no one is to blame for it except the T-Levels. All one can do is, take these remedial solutions to enhance the body’s capability and retain the T-level as longer as possible.

Zinc Intake

On an average, an adult male needs 11 mg of Zinc per day. Foods are there that contain the essential nutrients and help you boost your T-level. Take Oysters for instance, that have a lot of zinc followed by red meat and poultry. These are a good diet to lay your eyes on if your liking is to the non-vegetarian stuff. Other food sources that pack zinc in them are Beans, Crab, Lobster, Nuts and Whole grains. Studies suggest that zinc plays an important part in regulating serum testosterone levels in healthy men as those with Hypogonadism generally face zinc deficiencies.

Top foods highest in Zinc

Avoid Alcohol

Mind enjoying those weekend nights with your buddies, the pints and shots may get you something you would never want to; the decreased level of Testosterone. Too much consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to decreased testosterone levels in men of all ages, as shown by the studies. But that doesn’t mean, you should totally cut the intake down, just stay aware of overdrinking all the time. It is not supportive for your liver either.

How To Increase Sperm Count

Avoid alcohol if you want to increase to testosterone level

Boost Your Vitamin D Level

Vitamin D is a natural steroid hormone which is essential for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell. Vita D also aids in maintaining the semen quality and sperm count, hence boosting the testosterone level inducing the Libido. In a conducted study men who were given Vita D supplements, had significantly increased their T-level in a span of 1 year.    Enjoy sunlight as much as you can to get enough Vitamin D.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

Limit Sugar Intake

It is true, not just diabetes, Sugar also reduces the testosterone because of the reason that it raises the insulin level. Not all of us are aware of the pair of advice we happen to avoid all the time, we need to limit the food that has added sugar, fructose and some grains like pasta and bread. Sugar, no doubt, is an element that is hard to stay away from. Be careful the next time you feel a craving for sugar.

Avoid Sugar


A Recent study at Rockefeller University Hospital NY, USA has shown that cabbage is loaded with indole-3 carbinols (a kind of Phytochemical) that raises the T-level. And the men who were observed having IC3 had a reduced level of female hormone, estrogen by 50%.



Ashwagandha is the herb that is well-known for providing immunity to men, has lots of vital health benefits, prevents innumerable diseases, and has been adapted to cure many chronic diseases like, for ages now. It is easy to be found at the nearest herbal store. This Herb is drastically escalates the T-level in men and is proved to be the best natural remedy to improve the energy in men. Be careful while purchasing it, the market is full of fake products as well.

Ashwagandha to boost your testosterone

Fruitful Fruits(Melon and Grapes)

Watermelon is a great source of citrulline (amino acid) and is considered as the natural Viagra for men managing the adequate blood flow throughout the body. Grapes on the other end make the sperm count higher and make them more active.

Watermelon grapes

Dark Chocolate

Yeah, chocolate is not just for kids or ladies, not many of us know about the fact they are a good and Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels. The Dark Chocolate has antioxidants and biochemical agents that boost you T-level also, supplying a plenty of Vitamins and Minerals. It is the cocoa that does the magic, try having the raw form each day.

Dark Chocolate to increase love life

Eggs For the Good

Eggs are rich in proteins, an ample source of HDL cholesterol (Know ways to get Cholesterol level under control), and the best of all, a great source to provide you much-needed testosterone for an effective performance. Zinc is also among the vital elements to be found naturally in an egg. Mash them, toast them, sandwich them, or even boil some. Put some eggs on your dish in any way you like.

eggs provide you muchneeded testosterone

Party on Avocado

This fruit is not just the best natural source of Good Fats, but also a box of Vitamin E to balance the T-level. The other benefit we’d like to mention is it takes down the estrogen level among men, which is also a vital sign for those looking to get memorable time with their partners.

Avocado best natural source of Vitamin E

How to Increase Testosterone Level Naturally

We always keep saying that everyone must switch to the best natural remedies to stay sound and sound well. The foremost aim is to let the health be in touch with nature a much as possible. Also, nobody, in their wildest dream would like to swallow some pills or take chemical support to cure their nature-made machine. Presenting these Effective Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels was another guide to help you find easy and natural solutions around you.

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