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10 Effective Home Remedies for Cough | Get Instant Relief

Effective Home Remedies for Cough

Common cold and cough are the most commonly known diseases that may take you down at any time. It is so far, fastest kind of communicable disease. Talking about cough specifically, there are various reasons that can cause your throat this much trouble. There are bacterial infections, pollen, dust, viral, or some other factors that can cause an irritation to your throat. Like many causes, there are many home remedies you can take to control or kill a cough in your tonsils. Here are 10 Effective Home Remedies for Cough that you need to look at.

Effective Home Remedies for Cough

Let us first, go deep down and put some light on the cough types and causes. The passage between our nasal cavity and lungs is the most important part that assures the cleansing process of oxygen. It is the key role player that lands clean oxygen when we respire. Though, there are some external impurities that affect our track. Cough is just a preventive measure of our body to push back the elements out of our throat.

But, too much cough leads to some other harmful effects leaving us in stiff neck, quite often results in whooping cough. The patient can be a 6-month old infant or 60-year old retired person. Health risks are high as if not treated soon, it may turn into a chronic illness. Beware if you are having chest pains, feeling nauseous, exhausted. Many people face a problem of having a fever and mild headaches after having a bad day at the office after failing to get the remedy on time. Hence, it is better to prevent it rather than acting when it is too late.

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10 Effective Home Remedies for Cough to get Instant Relief

To counter it with the best available options in your kitchen’s shelf, here are some ways and natural ways to stop your suffering. These remedies will be effective in the case of a dry cough and chronic cough as well. Do have a look and try some of these solutions.

Salt Water Gargle

Starting with the first homemade solution, here we have water to do the talking. Not just cold, but water has effective and noteworthy results on your throat. Add some salt and start gargles with it for at least 10 minutes every morning. A dry cough is also curable to some extent. And take the same steps before you prepare your bed. The Mucus melts because of the salt cells, present in the mucus, drains out to level the extra amount of salt in the water. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a mug of hot water and keep gargling for at least 10 seconds, keep repeating the process.

Do Gargle to get rid off from cough

Honey Syrup

The world has stepped into an era of scientific revolutions. Yet honey is considered as nectar to cure many diseases. Treating cough is one of the oldest solutions. Honestly speaking, this is one of the grandma’s oldest remedies.  Ways you can take honey are with boiled water, straight teaspoons of it, with coconut oil, with ginger paste, mix with bourbon, lemon drops, or mix it with jaggery.

Honey -Effective home remedy for cough

Black pepper

Black pepper is the second topmost cure for both dry and wet cough. You can chew the seeds raw (best and recommended way to have effective results). Mix its powder with honey and get the best results. Take a measured amount regularly, best timing is after and before going to bed. The phlegm reduces to a great amount and is brushed away from the lung’s passage. To help you get the balanced amount of the pepper with honey, experts suggest a universal solution, take a cup of boiled water, add a teaspoon of ground pepper with 2-teaspoon of honey.

Black pepper - Topmost cure for both dry and wet cough

Try Cough Drops

There are some synthetically prepared mint-flavored drops available at chemists. Beware of the fact that they may cause you trouble with your stomach. Digestion and gastric problems are the most common ones. But, there are some naturally prepped solutions as well. Go for these drops and relieve your throat. An Indian herb named “Mulethi” is an effective agent that clears the throat and has no side effects whatsoever.


The best way to treat your sore throat and get rid of that mucus is to add some lemon drops in hot boiling water. Just a mug of water and add a pinch of salt in it. This is the point where we suggest you put honey as an additive to make it sweet.

Lemon - best way to treat your sore throat

Herbal Tea

Now, these days, packs of herbal tea are available at the drug stores near you. It is because of its vital effects and being preferred by health specialists over some pills. Tea as a homemade syrup has been a traditional way to relax and cure cough. The ingredients that are found in the herbal tea are generally extracts of hyssop herb, organic herbs, yarrow flower, peppermint, elderflower, and ginger. Nowadays, the tea blends can be seen in numerous flavors. Some of the medicine companies have also been stepping in with their herbal tea solutions to cater to your health concerns. From a healthy digestion to a healthy respiratory system, just grab your flavor you need the most at the moment.

Herbal Tea - traditional way to relax and cure cough


Ginger is the dominant remedy not only to cure cough but also to safe-keep your digestion system. Back to the ancient times, ginger was used to cure many diseases and talking specifically about cough patients, it can get you out of dry, wet, and chronic cough problems. We prefer it taking its tea mostly. Best and quick results are seen, when you chew it raw. Add some honey or sweetener, put its paste in hot water mug, another pinch of salt and sip it. This is the only herb that can be taken in any form. To observe the best effects, try consuming it on a daily basis. You can get some drops of lemon for more magic.

Ginger - it can get you out of dry, wet, and chronic cough problems


Turmeric is another home-based universal agent that acts as an antiseptic, anti-fungal agent. This is why it takes place next to ginger. It has curcumin with an anti-inflammatory property that gives turmeric a power to take on the viral infections. Again, in India, you’ll find it in almost every kitchen as. It is not just a herb, but also a magical spice for every dish that is served. Know how to mix it with other herbs: Take boiling water, mix turmeric with carom seeds. Keep boiling the potion till the half of it is evaporated. Add some salt or honey to the solution. Now you get probably the home-based syrup to cure your cough. You can also put some milk in the solution to enjoy the flavors.

Turmeric with honey and salt - home-based syrup to cure your cough


When we are having a discussion on home-based remedies, garlic is the one that we can’t hide or skip mentioning. Garlic also outruns other herbs healing the gastric problems and being the best remedy curing the cough-related problems. It has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. To treat dry cough, the agent “allicin” present in it, is the worth to vouch on. It kills the agents that lead to dry cough. Have a cup of hot water and crush some garlic cloves and oregano leaves to fasten the process of healing. Add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture and keep taking the mixture on regular intervals every day.

Ginger - Best home remedy for dry cough

Take Warm Milk

Warm milk is supposedly the oldest remedy to cure a sore throat. Instead of adding some artificial sweeteners, add some honey and turmeric to the poured mug of milk. The mixed fluid will pretty much help you bring out the excessive phlegm of your chest and respiratory passage. Take the potion once before going to bed and repeat the process till you start witnessing the lightness in your chest.

Warm milk is supposedly the oldest remedy to cure a sore throat

Home Remedies for Dry Cough – Stop Coughing Without Medicine

These are some best 10 Effective Home Remedies for Cough that will get you a quiet and calm environment inside you. The next morning you wake up won’t be as irritating as your older ones. We hope the information was worth sharing. We appreciate your effort taking some healthy tips for your well-being. Keep visiting here for more

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